Services and Pricing

 Basic Membership
     Unlimited HIIT classes
     Quarterly In-Body Scan

Open Gym
Nutrition Guidance upon request

 Family Membership
Perfect for couples who want to train together!
Basic Membership Benefits for 2 people
(Family members must reside in the same household)

12 Punches Per Month
 Attend 12 classes per month.

8 Punches Per Month
 Attend 8 classes per month.

Weekly Trial

1 Day Free trial not enough to make up your mid? 

Join us for a week and attend as many classes as you like.

 Day Pass - $10

BUTI - Drop-in - $10

Zumba - Weekly Trial

Gentle Yoga - 4 Punch Pass - $35

For questions about memberships or billing, email

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 Please e-mail 30 days prior to cancellation date.

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