Modified Class Times

Effective June 16 to June 30

We will adjust these as we feel the need throughout the summer 





Reserve a Class Time


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Welcome to H.I.I.T 30!

Important Update from HIIT 30, as of May 14, 2020

We have been anxiously waiting for this time to come. We are happy to be able to open our doors and offer group training again! That being said, we are still under strict guidelines and in order to continue to keep our doors open we MUST do this right.

Beginning Monday May 18, we will resume group classes,

but there will be a limit of 20 clients per class and you must reserve a spot. 

To reserve a spot in a class use the Zen Planner App!

** Click reserve on the time you plan to attend, and you’re good to go, just show up.

HIIT30 Staff will check you in when you arrive.

Gym Rules

 ** Wash hands BEFORE and AFTER classes, we have four sinks. We will also have hand sanitizer.

 ** Please wait in your car till you get the wave from us to come in!

** We ask that maintain social distancing, you can catch up and chat in the parking lot but not inside the gym.

** We will not be allowing anyone in our lobby to wait or hang out.

FB Live Workouts
We know that not everybody is going to be comfortable physically coming to the gym, we will be doing primarily bodyweight workouts for you through the end of the month, again we will reevaluate this as we move forward. We will be going live on FB at 7:00am Monday-Friday.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for sticking it out with us,

thank you for joining us virtually for the past two months, thank you for being patient,

thank you for supporting us and not giving up. Though we are not back to full on action,

we are so happy to be back in the gym with you all!

For more information please contact HIIT 30 at