Frontier APEX was created for one reason: to help athletes reach their peak performance through state of the art weight lifting and conditioning techniques. We use our knowledge to create a sport specific program for each athlete and their respective sport. Each program is written for 3 month windows allowing for, but not limited too:

  • In Season Training
  • Off Season Training
  • Maintenence
  • Power Training
  • Maximal Strength Training
  • Conditioning

Although we specialize in strength and conditioning for athletes, we also have vast knowledge in training first responders. 

Here at Frontier APEX we provide:

  • Group Training
  • Personal Training
  • Personalized Programming
  • Progress Tracking

Feel Free to contact us about any questions you may have! 

Contact Info:


Phone:  ​(605) 988-4316

Email:   frontierapex@outlook.com