​                                                   What are we and what do we offer?

¨ We are a High Intensity Interval Training Gym
¨ We offer 35 minute group training classes, scheduled throughout the day
¨ We train barefoot
¨ Workouts are custom designed by our certified fitness trainers
¨ We offer nutrition counseling
¨ We offer an open gym for your convenience
¨ MYZONE—Innovative heart rate based system that monitors physical activity

What does High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) mean:

¨ HIIT is a type of training that requires you to go all out and give 100% of your effort for short bursts of time, followed by short periods of recovery time.

¨ This causes your heart rate to approach your maximum heart rate for short periods followed by short rest, to allow it to come back down. 


¨ Increases your metabolism  - more efficient fat burner, opposed to steady state cardio
¨ Quick and convenient
¨ Limited equipment - mainly focuses on functional movement, using your body weight